Tidal Zones

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Tidal Zones are a type of biome that occurrs in between high and low tide marks. These can be small or huge and their size is dependant on the gravity of a planet's sattelite, or the planet that it is a sattelite of. the list of Tidal Zones is incomplete.

Tidal Forest

occurs: where land meets ocean (or a large body of water) on a planet with a strongly attractive moon
resources: Saltwater
elevation:dependant on moon's gravity +/- tide height above/below sea level
climate: 10-70 celsius
topography: gently sloped towards ocean
biodiversity: 3
autotroph niches: all except for huge and gargantuan
heterotroph niches: tiny to midsize amphibious carnivore, tiny to midsize amphibious herbivore, tiny to midsize flying carnivore, midsize carnivore (nonamphibious)
other: Has lots of corals, wich provide a very complex ground covering and trap pools of water inside their networks.


occurs: where land meets ocean on a gentile slope
resources: Saltwater
elevation:0-50 m above sea level
climate: any temperature
topography: gently sloped towards ocean
biodiversity: 1
autotroph niches: tiny to small
heterotroph niches: tiny to small carnivore, tiny to small herbivore, tiny filter feeder
other: Scavengers from other biomes may visit frequently, large animals may use on migration routes

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