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Auto-Evo - the system in game which controls organic, planetary, or technical evolution.


Behaviour Editor - part of the Organism Editor and Culture Editor where a player sets up AI and special animations for organisms.

Belgium - someone tried to swear, and the censors turned it into Belgium.


CE - Culture editor.

Census- In procedural evolution, the first step in a generation where the computer counts the members of each species and finds their population as well as the total population of the biome.


Darwinian - refers to the current theory of evolution through natural selection.

Direct Editing - a controversial action, constantly under debate, in which a player can make a small change to their organism by accessing the Organism Editor during gameplay.


Editor - Any in-game content editor such as the Organism Editor, Tech Editor, Culture Editor, etc.


Food Web- a hard-coded representation of all of the niches in a biome, which forms the basis for connections in evolution.

FP - Function part (a part in the Tech editor that allows your tech to perform a certain task).


Generation- A section of auto-evo in the game where one mutation of one species takes place.

God Tools - a panel of tools which give the player God-like abilities which are unlocked over the course of gameplay.

GM or God mode - once a separate mode with God Tools (see above). The concept of God Mode has been dropped, in favor of simply using the God Tools in any mode, but God Mode is still often used.






Lamarckian - refers to Lamarckian evolution, an outdated theory of evolution that assumes mutations are created by an animal's actions and passed on from there.

LAWK - Life as We Know (It). Refers to the forms of life we're familiar with, such as carbon-based ones. Non-LAWK life may be possible, but we don't have evidence for it. The LAWK option in-game will toggle whether semi-fantasy elements (thermoplasts, fire-breathing, etc.) are available to the player.


Mannequin - A poseable mannequin representing an organism. Can be loaded into the Tech editor to provide a template to build around.
MC - Military Center. Like a Society Center, except that it is for the express use of the military.

Modification of Odds- The 3rd step in a generation in auto-evo, where orgs' populations are modified to give them different chances of evolving.

Mutation- A change in the body or behavior of an org


NPC - Non Playable Character (organism)

NPN - Non-playable Nation (faction)


OE - Organism Editor

Org. - organism

Org. Mode - Organism mode.

Organism Mode - the mode of gameplay in which a player controls a single organism.


PE - Planet Editor.

PPG - Procedural Planet Generator, an engine in the game that decides what a planet can be like.

Procedurals - methods using algorithims or formulas to approximate real-world results, used for generating game content.


QFT - Quoted For Truth - someone has quoted a post because they agree with it.


Retrospective- step 2 in the auto-evo generation, where the computer finds out what orgs were effected by the last generation's mutation.


SC - Society Center (a staple of Strategy Mode gameplay) Basically, any city or town your species lives in.

Selection- step 4 in the auto-evo generation, where the computer selects which org evolves, based on its modified odds and the total population.

Strat. Mode - Stategy mode.

Strategy Mode - Mode of gameplay, much like an RTS.


TCL- Thrive Content Library

TE - Tech Editor

Tech - Technology

Test mode/test grounds/test space - referring to the area/mode inside an editor in which organisms, AI, and technology can be tested.

TO - Tech Object, anything created in the Tech Editor







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