The Sandbox

This article describes design decisions that will be rediscussed before their implementation in the future, and as such are not final.

Sandbox is what the name suggests, a Sandbox in which you can do whatever you like with no real consequences.
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Here is a link to the thread in which you can discuss Sandbox.
The Sandbox thread.
But refer to this for an up to date, single page concept.


Sandbox is accessible from the main menu, accessible after ascension is achieved, and provides an area of space separate from the main galaxy. This space begins empty, you add objects using the godly creation tools, and edit them with the godly manipulation tools. And, of course, you can control stuff with godly x tools, and destroy stuff with the godly destruction tools. In short, you can use god tools. All of this is separate from the main game, meaning time does not progress as you mess around with the god tools. This also means there are no outside influences, such as alien civilisations, or asteroids, both of which can affect the environment. The god tools must be unlocked in order to be used in Sandbox, and every tool can be used.


Helpful Achievements

  • God tools, the more you have, the more you can do.


  • Empty space. Nothing until you make it. This space is limitless, you can use as much room as you like;
  • All game physics and mechanics work (ie. gravity and evolution);
  • The god tools panel, with all god tools available, including those types not mentioned here;
  • Options menues and panels (including options like save and load);
  • Visual overlays;
  • All gameplay modes are available;
  • You can apply tags to stars, planets, tech objects and organisms - tagged items are then accesible from the tagged items menu, which lets you to teleport to them, edit them, and rename them;
  • When you first enter Sandbox, you get a set of god tools called 'Game Creator Tools' (Sandbox only), for creating Scenarios which involve a player and a set of targets to complete, The tools include: Selecting an organism for the player to be (if this organism dies, it's game over); Mode restriction (only strategy or organism); Creation of fixed movement paths (think Chess); And target selection (Defeat or move to to complete). When the player's organism is selected, a 'play game' option becomes available, so they can see their creations in action. Scenarios created with the game creator tools can be saved as a Game, rather than a Sandbox, which can only be played, meaning when shared others can't cheat or publish the game again as their own, so remember to keep your Sandbox save handy if you plan to edit it.

Possible Uses

  • Practice your god-tool-using;
  • Zoo systems, or stellar clusters if you have many little critters;
  • Physics experiments;
  • Genetic/Evolutionary experiments;
  • Customised homeworlds, as easy or as challenging as you like;
  • Machinema, as you can set up anything, and see everything, Sandbox is ideal for machinema;
  • Just laying back and watching life evolve;
  • Practicing your skills in beginning and ending wars;
  • Making amazing landscapes;
  • Indentifying bugs in early versions of Thrive;
  • Creating games for other people to play. These games usually wont involve much in a larger scale (evolution or growth of civilisations), as when the player's organism dies, the game ends.
  • Etc., other, misc.. Anything you can think of!


  • There will be a… Gulp… Cheat, to unlock all the tools in Sandbox (and Sandbox itself), without fulfilling the requirements, but this should only be used if you absolutely, completely, physically, mentally, and spiritually cannot do the main game. Please don't cheat! I'll give you a bagel!
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