Project Management Team

The Project Management team oversees the work done by every other team and makes team-wide decisions.


Team lead(s): NickTheNick

Forum category:

Types of work: Updating/maintaining the Wiki, moderating, organizing the project

Current Tasks

Updating and maintaining the wiki

Updating and maintaining the wiki is critical to organizing all the information of the project. It should provide a clear, organized structure to access all the information about the entire game. Whereas forums contain lengthy discussions with varying opinions as threads carry on, wiki pages should contain final concepts decided upon in forum or slack discussions. Often wiki pages should link to their corresponding forum discussions, but it is important that the wiki be the central hub for final concept to provide a clear and easy way for developers to turn design into game.

Moderating the community forum

The community forum is a bustle of activity of fans and developers alike, with everything from conceptual discussions to game analysis to forum games and fan art. A good team of moderators is needed to ensure that the forum stays friendly and organized.

Moderating the development forum

Just the same with the development forum, although things are a little less hectic with less people and all of them being developers talking about development.

Organizing the project

Any good project will need good organization. Anything that can help achieve this that was not mentioned in the above are also important for project managers to carry out.

Online Resources

Wiki Editing

Our style guidelines for editing the Wiki.


Currently there are no tutorials for Project Management Team tasks.


How do I join the Project Management Team?

See Application Process. Some parts of project management may have greater restrictions. For instance, only team members who have been around a while and shown consistent dedication will be promoted to team leads, and meta decisions about the project as a whole will always be made by the team leads (though other members can give input).

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