People Traits

This article describes design decisions that will be rediscussed before their implementation in the future, and as such are not final.

Leaders within a Nation, Society Centre or Military Centre will all have a number of variables that affect gameplay and their AI. These variables are Traits, Popularity and Scandals.


A leader's traits will give bonuses to SCs, MCs or the whole nation, depending on where the leader exists in power. The current list of traits are:
Organised: -Maintenance, +Production
Charismatic: +Happiness
Aggressive: +Military Unit Production, +Military Science
Philosophical: +Science
Medical: +Health
Industrious: +Production
Rural (???): +Gathering
Financial: +Wealth
Creative: +Bonuses from Entertainer Specialists
Fanatic: +Happiness from State Religion, -Science, -Happiness from other religions
Pacifist: +Science, -Military Unit Production
Progressive: -Order, +Science
Conservative: +Order, -Science
Corrupt: -Order, +Wealth
Diplomatic: +Relations with nearby Nations
Xenophobe: -Relation with nearby Nations
Protective: +Military Unit Production, -Relations with nearby Nations
Spiritual: +Bonuses from Religions
Proletariat: +Bonuses from all Specialists

A leader may have multiple traits, but not conflicting traits (ie Progressive and Conservative are conflicting).


A leader's popularity can have huge effects on the popularity of the area they control. An unpopular leader can lead to revolts and just plain inefficiency of the workforce. In an election system, the popularity of the leader also affects how likely they are to be elected or reelected. Popularity is determined by how well the leader's traits match the culture of the nation, viewable in the Culture Section of the Nation Editor. Popularity is also affected by any events or trends that occurred while the leader was in power in their area, and can be negatively affected by any scandals they may be involved in.


A leader has a chance to be involved in a scandal whether they are in power or not. There are three types of scandals that can occur: a corruption scandal, a taboo scandal and an illegal scandal. When the player views a leader's overview, they will see the chances of each of these occurrences happening, as well as whether it has happened before. If a leader is involved in a taboo scandal they will get a large negative hit to their popularity. If they are involved in a corruption or illegal scandal, the player will have a chance to remove them as a leader in order to combat any negative happiness effects. The leader will still have a negative popularity hit.

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