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Having a polished, fleshed out game is all fine and dandy, but without the Outreach Team how will people find out about it?


Team lead(s): StealthStyle L

Forum category: http://forum.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/c/outreach

Types of work: Marketing, social media, fan interaction

The Outreach Team is in charge of presenting the game to a wider audience. There are various locations where this happens, such as our website and social media outlets. Outreach work continually adapts based on other development activity, but the team as a whole can operate separately. For instance, Outreach Team members can watch what's happening in development and post interesting tidbits or links for the community to see. There is some overlap with the Project Management Team.

Outreach work may be stifled by the fact that only a few team members have the necessary for logins for our various web presences. Unfortunately this will continue to be necessary into the future. Only applicants with proven experience in one of the tasks below will be given the login information, since we don't want to give anyone admin access to our most important sites willy-nilly. That doesn't stop Outreach Team members discussing and making suggestions about what to post or create, or even creating content for others to post (such as writing Devblogs which a website admin could post on their behalf).

Thrive is a difficult game to present to the wider world, so members of this team should have a cautious approach to promoting the game. It's a good idea to watch development for a while first to understand how it works and what would be appropriate to say about the game in an official setting.

Current Tasks

Writing Devblogs

Thrive Devblogs are articles of varying length showcasing recent work and occasionally covering other events (such as past Devblogs on our survey and collaboration with the developer of Species: ALRE). We use them to summarize recent activities from inside development for public viewing. They're posted approximately once a month, and whenever a release is published they coincide with it to give detailed release notes and new feature summaries.

Maintaining social media outlets

Coupled with the above, our social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit) should be kept up-to-date, showing recent events inside and outside development. These could include: release announcements, Devblogs, interesting dev forum discussions, fan and concept art, updates to Thrive web presences and anything else outreach managers think Thrive fans should know about. At the same time, they should reply to comments and questions from fans in these places.

Creating trailers and videos

For each release we publish a trailer to our YouTube channel showing off the new features. We may also want to upload more general videos, such as gameplay videos, summaries of planned mechanics, podcasts or videos explaining a theoretical concept used in the game.

Maintaining websites

Both front-end and back-end web developers are welcome to help us organize and maintain our various web presences. We want our sites to be as stable and good-looking as possible.

This list isn't fixed. If you can think of a feature you'd like to start working on that we didn't mention just let us know. There are also innumerable ideas you could try to prototype if you wanted.

Online Resources

Social Media Outlets


A list of all of our social media pages.

Release Task List


A list of everything that needs to be done each time a release is published. This should ensure nothing is left un-updated.


Currently there are no tutorials for Outreach Team tasks.


How do I join the Outreach Team?

See Application Process.

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