Organism Mode

This article describes design decisions that will be rediscussed before their implementation in the future, and as such are not final.

Organism Mode is one of the three major gameplay modes in Thrive. In Organism Mode, players control a single individual organism, and can choose to see the world from a third person view, or through the senses of the organism. As in real life, this mode is governed by realistic biological laws, attempting to adhere only to what is reasonable. Which specific creatures the player can control depends on how far the player has advanced in the game. The limits are as follows:

Players are limited to the organism they are playing as, until they die or reproduce (reproduction gives the player a choice between controlling the baby or the parent). These stages could, depending on Player choice, vary drastically from one play session to another. While the same interface preferably be maintained for animals, and other types of organism that share similar methods of motorization, organisms that are very different from one another would likely require different interfaces, such as the difference between Plants, Fungi, or Sessile organisms and Animals, cells, or Non-sessile organisms..

Awakening Stage sees the move to Stategy Mode where you control a group of organisms. However, you can still switch to Organism Mode.

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