Official Releases

This page is out of date, see the latest releases on our Github.
Note: if you want to play the game we recommend using the launcher.

Current Release

Thrive v0.3.4 (Trailer | Devblog)

Thrive 0.3.4 is here! Though a comparatively small release from a gameplay perspective, it represents a tonne of programming work on behind-the-scenes functionality and improved stability. It comes with a shiny new launcher to boot. Almost all these features are credited to hhyyrylainen and crodnu, two of our programmers.

In this release

  • New Lua library. General performance improvements thanks to a restructured scripting system, fixing plenty of common crashes in the process. The console FPS counter is also fixed.
  • A long standing bug that has caused some people to crash when they complete the tutorial has now been fixed (at least, it's fixed for those who've tested the release candidates).
  • Loading saves should now cause fewer crashes due to audio errors.
  • Overhaul of the microbial process system. Now, instead of draining ATP immediately, your cell will act smarter when allocating compounds towards different tasks and converting between them. This gives greater utility to the compound bars introduced in the previous release.
  • Microbes drop a percentage of the compounds that compose their organelles on death.
  • Different chance to generate each organelle in procedurally generated and mutated microbes (which means, among other things, less toxic vacuoles).
  • Adjusted compound cloud densities to make the game easier. This area is still completely unbalanced, so it may not be much easier, but still.


  • Point mouse to turn
  • WASD to move around
  • Mouse scroll wheel (or +/- keys) to zoom
  • E to release toxins (if you have any)
  • G to engulf other cells (you must be bigger in size)
  • ESC to bring up menu.
  • F2 to switch between microbe stage and microbe editor
  • F4 to save game
  • F10 to load previously saved game
  • ESC to save a genus name change


Perhaps the most obvious addition is the new Thrive launcher. If you don't already have it, download here. The launcher checks for new Thrive versions whenever it runs, running through the tedious and confusing downloading and unpacking tasks for you. It comes with handy feeds of new development forum posts and website updates, and future updates should give it greater utility.


As ever, we have a Devblog explaining the release in more detail, including the extended functionality of the Thrive launcher. Check it out for the latest general news in the Thrive universe too.


We decided to do something a little different for this release's trailer. Instead of some scenic shots of the game accompanied by thematic music, we used scenic shots of the game accompanied by thematic music AND a voiceover from developer MontySpud (with thanks to Naggorath for script assistance and video editing).

Engine changes

We're considering switching engine to the open-source Unreal Engine 4. You can read more about this in our Devblog. Here we'll leave only a link to the testing thread. We need as many people as possible to test the compatibility of this new version. If a future release using UE4 has errors on your machine, we'll gladly help fix them, but feel silently annoyed that you didn't test it out and tell us sooner.

Old Releases

Future Releases

To see plans and progress for future releases, see Releases Roadmap.

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