Society Section

This article describes design decisions that will be rediscussed before their implementation in the future, and as such are not final.

This section of the Nation Editor is for the manipulation of the societal structure of the player's nation. For ease of use, it is broken up into headings. The headings are as follows.


Under this heading, there is a table that the player can use to view the religious situation in their nation; that is, they can see what religions are present in their nation as well as their traits and influence (percentage of the overall population that follows them). This panel also allows for the player to encourage religions by paying resources, and selecting a religion present in their nation as their state religion (once State Religion is researched). To clarify, all religions will be arbitrary. They will have names and traits, and possibly a logo or icon. Past this, there is no definition of what religions are. Religions will be procedurally spawned in the player's and other's nations. (More information on Arbitrary Mechanics).

Social and Welfare

Under this heading, the player will be able to view the social and welfare programs present in their nation. A social program is similar to a book club or a gentleman's club, those sorts of things. Of course, the social programs generated will have randomly generated names and traits, as they are another example of Arbitrary Mechanics. Social programs will be able to be illegalized or encouraged at the cost of resources. Welfare programs will usually come with a health or happiness boost, but have other traits. After researching 'Usury' the player will be able to select the option 'Privatized' underneath this heading. This option will generate extra wealth for the player's nation, but they will lose the ability to do anything on this panel other than illegalize programs.

Aesthetics and Entertainment

Under the panel for Aesthetics and Entertainment, the player will find a table of all the arts, styles, sports and celebrations that are present in the nation. The player can view, outlaw or fund any of these. Celebrations last for a set time and are triggered by either an event or a time of the year. Arts and Sports will provide bonuses according to their traits. Arts, Sports and Celebrations may spawn randomly in the player's nation, or be assigned and designed by the player. For more on this, see Arbitrary Mechanics.

Importance Sliders

The Importance Sliders set the amount of importance placed on each aspect of society by the people of your nation. The sliders are: Production, Science, Religion, Health and Military. All have corresponding bonuses across the nation. The combined value of the sliders will always add to 100.

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