This article describes design decisions that will be rediscussed before their implementation in the future, and as such are not final.

The game will have many different pieces of content in it, and each will need a different name. The naming process is simple: procedural content gets a procedural name, which can be changed by the player. If the name is changed, that content is saved to the hard drive permanently, instead of being deleted when the game is no longer using it. The procedure for creating names for organisms in the game works like this.

name of template creature or base creature
number of mutations since origin

If the species splits into two or more species as a mutation, keep the number of all of the mutations before the split, then give the new species a letter (a, b, c). then each of these gets its own new line of names until it splits again.

So I could have:

Half-fish 12b1a17
The template org was called "Half-fish" it mutated 12 times and then split, mutated again, split again, and mutated 17 times more.

The game will also have a name generator for techs, orgs, and other things associated with different nations. These names will be aesthetic names, just covers for the procedurally generated ones the computer uses. They will be generated through this.

The basic rules are:

-50/50 vowel or constant as first letter. After that it always switches to the counterpart. The most common mixed vowels (like "ee" in speed) and constants (like "sp" in speed) also
count directly to vowel or constant. (but they are less likely then a single letter)

-For every language there will be a source document so this will also be easily modifyable and available for every langauge to get a better game feel for non english speaking ppl. and so on.

-As mentionend by the Uteen the letter Q as a single wont exsist in the source document and will only exsist as "qu". To the letter Y and some other special cases it will need some thinking.

-50% chance that its one word, 40% two words and 10% chance that its even three

-All words will be between 5-12 letters long

- If the name already exsists it will retry

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