Military Center

This article describes design decisions that will be rediscussed before their implementation in the future, and as such are not final.

Similar to Society Centres (SCs) for the regular population, Military Centres are a collection of people and TOs grouped together to reduce micromanagement. Obviously, Military Centres are for military units and management. MCs will keep troops fed and equipped if provided with resources through trade routes. In this way it will be possible to have attrition affect soldiers that are outside of the care of an SC or MC without having to micromanage cargo TOs full of food and weaponry to your current battlefield. Obviously MCs will not often be needed in the early game, with battles being a small amount of men. However, once a real war begins (I would class the first real recorded war here on Earth as the Greeks vs the Trojans) the player may find himself having to set up MCs to keep his troops easily replenished while the battles rage. MCs will be a lot less complex than SCs, as they will not produce research and will only have Military, Medical, Worker and Entertainer Specialists. They will be able to construct TOs, but their production output will likely be lesser than SCs because of their inability to hold citizens. When selected, an MC will display an overview panel along the bottom of the screen. Of course, MCs are not strictly for war efforts. In modern times, most countries have Army Bases that function just like MCs will. Having a ready supply of troops is always a good idea.

Military Centre Overview:
In the Overview panel, the player can view how many of each kind of specialist is present in the MC. There will be an option to quickly eject all Military Specialists as units in an emergency, but the result will not be instant because they will have to wake up, get armed, etc. The other specialists are there simply to have an effect on the Military Specialists' health and happiness, and in the case of workers, to construct more buildings for the Military Centre. There will be a small "build panel" for the MC, identical to SCs. In a MC, there will be a larger panel for viewing TOs and resources currently in the MC, to allow the player to better know what is immediately available in their war efforts.

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