Microbe Biomes

This article describes design decisions that will be rediscussed before their implementation in the future, and as such are not final.

Biomes are the backdrop for ecosystems in the Microbe Stage. Biomes in the Microbe Stage are preset, unlike in the later stages.


Biomes define the conditions of the environment in a certain area. The following is an example of the description of a biome.


Sample Biome:

  • Biome Name:
    • Sunlight (% Intensity): Light will appear in the environment ranging between a set of intensities. It speeds up chloroplasts, but at higher intensities can also damage cells that haven't evolved pigments to protect against solar radiation.
    • Temperature (°C): Heat will appear in the environment ranging between a set of temperatures. It speeds up thermoplasts, but at higher temperatures can also damage cells that get too close and aren't evolved to withstand high heat.
    • Currents: How strong the water currents are, affecting the need to evolve more movement organelles or not, and how quickly compounds circulate throughout the environment.
    • Salinity (% Ratio of salt to liquid): Cells that are adapted to high salinity need to evolve their membranes to migrate into low salinity biomes. (This might be an unnecessary variable to include)
    • Pressure (atm): Cells that are adapted to high pressure need to evolve their membranes to migrate into low pressure biomes.
    • Acidity (pH): Cells that are adapted to regular pH need to evolve to tolerate highly acidic or basic environments.
    • Compounds: A list of compounds and how common they are.
    • Visuals: The colours and VFX of the biome.
    • Notes: Any other notes about the biome.

Though some factors of a biome are relatively constant, some can be subject to change from natural phenomena. For example the deep ocean may start deoxygenated, but years of photosynthesis could lead to an oxygenation event ultimately leading to a buildup of oxygen in the deep ocean.

Current List

The current list of biomes can be found on the Microbe Appendices page here.

For the direct link to the spreadsheet look here.


Underwater Cave?
Polar Sea/Ice Flow
Ocean Surface?

This topic is currently being discussed here: https://forum.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/t/differentiating-microbe-biomes/194/3

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