Installations FAQ

Work in progress.

This is a page for, (you guessed it), questions about installing Thrive. You might first want to check out How to download.


How do I open the file?

You must unzip it and then you'll get a folder. In this folder there should be one called "bin." In here there should be a file called "thrive." Double click on this and Thrive should start.

I open the file but it asks what to run it with?

You probably have a "rar" zip file. In that case, you must install winrar. Go to and it should allow you to right click and extract.

It tells me some files were modified, if I want to move them to archive and the screen goes black when I choose a render to use.

You probably haven't unpacked the zip file. You need to make you extract the file first.

I hope we've solved your problem so you can enjoy the game. If not post your problem on our subreddit:

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