How to download

This contains instructions on how to download and play Thrive. The easiest way is to use the launcher:

1. Go to the download page on our website. If you can't find it, here you go:

2a. Click on "Thrive Launcher," you probably want the one under the "If you are unsure which file to download download these" section. Download this file, run it and it will install the game for you.

If you wish to extract the files yourself:

2b. Download Thrive. Make sure to download the Windows version or the Linux version based on your operating system.

3. Find the downloaded zip file. Double click this and drag out the files. (If you have winrar installed, you can select "extract here.")

4. You may have to wait for the extraction to take place. A folder called "Thrive…" should appear.

5. Open that folder and find the bin folder. Open it.

6. Find the file called "thrive.exe" or "Thrive" and double click it.

7. You should now be able to play. Enjoy!

If you have problems with this visit Installations FAQ.

If the answer is not there then please post your problem on our subreddit at

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