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This page lists current roles we're looking for.


Our ideal GUI dev can not only draw up a good, clean, easy-to-use UI, but can also prep the UI assets for integration into the game. We use CEGUI for all our GUI needs. CEGUI uses its own flavor of XML to define the positions of GUI elements in their source image files, their layouts in-game, and certain parts of their behaviour. Being able to quickly write up the XMLs necessary to get a UI in-game is important for quick iteration, for quick improvement. For that, of course, our ideal GUI dev would know as much as possible about UX, so they know what improvements to make.


Most everything is implemented in Lua before eventually being offloaded to C++ for speed, so there's always work to be done scripting. High-power Lua coders are welcome, but there are tasks aplenty for even the least experienced coding whelp; so all are welcome.

Engine Programming

We need experienced programmers for this job — engine work is where we need the heaviest algorithms, the smartest hacks, and the cee-plus-plus. ~~ rest of page is WIP ~~

  • Modelling (Skill with almost any major tool will do)
  • Shader-writing (Ogre uses Cg for shaders)
  • Sound effects (skill with whatever it is that sound effects artists do)
  • Website (we just need someone to take it over — frontend web design obviously)
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