GDD (Microbe): Cutscenes

There are only two in-game videos – the opening cutscene and the credits. Both are skippable using the escape key, spacebar or enter. Skipping a cutscene immediately sends the player to whichever game screen they would end up had they watched the whole thing.

During cutscenes the player’s cursor becomes invisible and there are no clickable elements.

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Opening Cutscene

Though the opening cutscene for later stages will be more complex and cinematic, the one for this stage is short and simple. If at some point in the future we can convince David Attenborough to lend his vocal talents to an opening cutscene it would make the team very happy, but for now it doesn’t need his narration.

The video opens with the viewpoint flying through a chromosome, past intertwined strands of DNA in a bubble-filled liquid. Most elements should be shades of green, blue or purple, in line with the general colour scheme.

Somewhere in the chromosome there is a 3D model of the Thrive logo tied up in strands of DNA. It should not be initially apparent to the player that this is present, but the camera should stop and turn to face it on cue. The cutscene then fades to black after pausing on a shot of the logo.

After the opening cutscene, the player is sent to the main menu, possibly with a loading screen in between. There is no way to replay the opening cutscene without restarting the game.

The soundtrack is the Opening Cutscene Theme, which more than most themes is tailored directly to its intended use. A crescendo should accompany the camera’s change of direction, and bubbling, somewhat electronic noises are a must.


The game’s credits cutscene has a less well defined concept than the opening cutscene, but there are some elements we know will feature. Developers should be split into groups based on their area of contribution (programmers, composers, etc.) and presented sequentially on several different screens. Collecting a total list of contributors may be difficult, but the forum memberlist is a good place to start.

The soundtrack will be an excerpt from the extended Main Theme. The credits are accessible from the main menu, returning the player there once finished.

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