This article describes design decisions that will be rediscussed before their implementation in the future, and as such are not final.

Disasters are random events in the game that can dramatically change gameplay and your chances of surviving as a species. they can be natural or "man-made". Man made disasters can only happen randomly if your species is not one of the dominant sentient species on the planet.

Natural Disasters

-asteroid impact
-volcanic eruption
-extremely powerful storm (thunderstorm, windstorm)
-solar flare*
-loss of a satellite
-gain of a satellite
-gamma ray burst
-change of phase for star
-planetary impact*
-orbital slip
-pole reversal

This list is not yet complete.

Man-Made Disasters

-deforestation or other destruction of habitat
-nuclear event (local)
-nuclear event (worldwide)
-destruction of planet*

This list is not yet complete.

(Disasters marked with * are always game-ending for a single-planet bound species)

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