Concept Race

This article describes design decisions that will be rediscussed before their implementation in the future, and as such are not final.

What is a concept race?

A concept race is a species that could be potentially created in Thrive as per current game concepts. Concept races may or may not be sapient, though sapient races generally provide more detail to work with. The purpose of a concept race is to test current game concepts in some manner: for instance, a concept race that uses only mobile Society Centers will push the boundaries of the current game concepts, forcing the development team to consider whether mobile SCs are even possible.

Guidelines for creating a concept race

  • Be sure to mention under what conditions the concept race evolved. Consider whether such an environment is possible under current Thrive game concepts.
  • It may be helpful to provide information about the surrounding ecosystem; for instance, what the concept race feeds on.
  • Examine the concept race from each aspect of the current game concepts: think about what their government system would mean in the terms of the Nation Editor, or what the player would need to research from the Research Tree in order to create some piece of their technology.
  • Explain what issues, if any, are highlighted by the concept race in the context of the current game concepts.
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Concept Races

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