Compound System

This article describes design decisions that will be rediscussed before their implementation in the future, and as such are not final.

The compound system is part of the CPA System.

Work in progress. If you see any mistakes, they will probably be corrected when I've finished reading the thread.

The compound system is one of the groundwork game mechanics underlying simulations throughout the entire game, designed for use everywhere from cellular homeostasis to interstellar trade.





We have the compound system to keep track of what organisms are made of. We want it to track what the organism has eaten, what it's converted it into and what waste products they excel. Everything else is part of the environment, and available to other organisms.

There are four parts to this:


Compounds are the materials that the world and organisms are made of. So, stuff like elemental compounds (like carbon), natural resources (salt, water), organic compounds (amino acids) and organic polymers (proteins).

Later, their will be composites (bone, muscle) made up of other compounds combined.

The end products are things like the cell membrane, and can be treated just like compounds. Another important end product is energy.


This is where processes generally take place. Some processes require certain organelles. They can vary depending on the quality of the organelle.

In later stages, this would be organs, factories and cities.


These control how compounds are converted from one to another, and what is required to do so. If an organism isn't capable of carrying out a particular process, it may not have access to that processes products, and will need to acquire them some other way (probably by eating something), or may not be able to acquire them at all (for example, eating a rhino horn doesn't allow you to grow one yourself). The processes your able to carry out, and how effectively you can do so, define your organism, your species, and your place in the food chain.


Organisms are individuals of a species, whether it be a cell, plant, or creature. Each has particular organelles/organs, is capable of particular processes, can store particular compounds, and considers others to be waste products. Each one continually carries out the processes it is capable of in order to produce the compounds it needs.

Be aware these are just the basic components.


There will be general storage so that all compounds within a cell occupy a shared capacity.

Priority system

Because storage is just going to be general, there need to be priorities on what compounds get stored in case the storage is filled.

Access to organelles and processes

Not all processes will be available at the beginning and the player will need to get certain organelles in order to unlock them.

Organelle upgrades

Organelles will be able to be upgraded leading to increased processing/storage capacity and increased energy efficiency in processes.

Microbe Stage

Coming soon.


Coming soon.

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