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This is a personal page currently being kept only in hope that its subject will someday return.

This page is here as a sentimental reminder.


- Arid biomes lined up.

Important: The list of things that need work

- Translations

We have teams going for the following languages:
Czech : translated by Commander Keen (Czech team Lead)
Dutch : translated by Zotobom, Raven Destroyer [Needs Reviewing]
- Needs reviewing for grammar/syntax [standard procedure]
- Needs reviewing in case I overlooked something
- Someone please translate the title from "Dutch Home Page," into whatever the dutch equivalent is.
French : translated by Poisson, enoriel
German: translated by BastianKraft
Greek : translated by Bill 2505, kaosrain
Italian : translated by Andry796
Hebrew: translated by ido6667
Macedonian : translated by Darkgamma
Serbian : translated by Darkgamma
Spanish : translated by Andry796, kaosrain, Penumbra Espinosa, Mysterious_Calligrapher,

Contact Mysterious_Calligrapher in the link above if you have language experience or translated pages. When they've been reviewed a couple of times and I have more than 1-2 pages, they'll be going up as parallel wikis and I'll link to them from the main page.

Also, anyone who has already worked on a specific language can apply to be the head of a team. I'll be inviting them to join the project eventually. (When we have some more stuff translated.) They'll be in charge of making sure that new translations are reviewed and posted in a timely manner.

- Biomes

We need more biomes! I can research a lot of them, but I need people to come up with ones that can't be found on earth. The system of ones on an earth like planet is coming along, though I still need some of those. If you have ideas, send me some.

I'll be putting the documents with what I have so far up for download eventually.

Concept planets I need biomes for:
- Extremely large moon / slightly lower gravity than earth: This means huge tides, probably slightly larger life forms. We already have a Tidal forest biome, available for your viewing at the above link.

Current Concept: Biomes

Highly Arid systems

The main factors for an arid system are "soil" (note, fellow ecologists, that I use this in the loosest sense of the word) and erosion. On that note, we have soil types loose (or fine, I guess) and rocky. We have erosion primarily from wind, as there's not a lot of water.

Your sub-tree-line biomes are as follows:
Sucession Stage 1
Dune Desert: Elevation -500 to tree line: Soil Type loose sand: Erosion High
Stable Sandy Desert: Elevation -500 to tree line*: Soil Type **loose sand: Erosion Low
Rocky Desert: Elevation -500 to tree line:Soil Type rocks: Erosion Any

With microbiomes (in this case, oasises) that depend primarily on the proximity of water.
Microbiome Oasis is a freshwater system tagged to Highly Arid and arid systems, and will be dealt with when I do freshwater systems.

Current projects:

- Shoehorning biomes into systems. Arid systems are next

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