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Bacteria will be a big part of the Microbe Stage.

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  • Bacteria do not evolve, but do reproduce. All bacteria are membrane-enclosed blobs much smaller than eukaryotes.
  • Bacteria can be engulfed by microbes. They grant compounds and a small chance to unlock organelles (process known as endocytosis). The organelle unlocked depends on the bacteria.
  • Four types of bacteria:
    • Phototrophic bacteria / Cyanobacteria - Photosynthesize. Assimilating can unlock chloroplasts.
    • Thermotrophic bacteria - Thermosynthesize. Assimilating can unlock thermoplasts.
    • Chemotrophic bacteria - Chemosynthesize. Assimilating can unlock chemoplasts.
    • Bioluminescent bacteria - Produce light with ATP. Assimilating can unlock bioluminescent organelles.
    • Respiring / Aerobic bacteria - Aerobically respire. Assimilating can unlock mitochondria.
  • Each type of bacteria has a version with flagella, and one without.
  • Presence varies by biome.
  • Prokaryotes have simple, unchanging AI. Immobile bacteria are unlikely to have any agency at all.


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